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Just do it, President Conducted Survey in Yuzhou

 On March 14, 2017, Wu Zhengping, President and Chairman of the Board of China Greenland Broad Greenstate, and Xiao Li, Vice President visited Yuzhou, Henan, for the development of the Shenhou Theme Park project and Shenhou Ancient Town Restoration.

  Accompanies by Huanghe, Deputy Secretary of Yuzhou city, the team visited the site to know about the project progress, material utilization, personnel and construction plans. 

  On the Research Meeting with project staff, President Wu remarked that the project had achieved breakthroughs and won the approval from the employer under the coordination and effort of all parties. He appreciated the hard work of all people. However, the good momentum needs calm minds. It was important to understand that lots of works were still yet to complete. Technology and construction effort should be further strengthened. Meanwhile, it is a must to look ahead, and speed up the progress to ensure on time delivery.

   President Wu also emphasized that theShenhou project bore special meanings. It was the first demonstration project in the ancient town restoration business of China Greenland Broad Greenstate after its strategic upgrade and also served as the practice of the “Capital + Technology + Full Industry Chain” development model. Hence, it must be built with a high standard for a high quality so as to establish the brand and reputation of the group in ancient town restoration industry.

  Project Introduction:

  Yuzhou Shenhou Ancient Town boasts many relics such as the ancient street, the Jun Ware Relic, the Lingquan Temple, the Huaxi Tower, the Zushi Temple, and the Dengyu Village. It enjoys beautiful natural landscapes, and rich historic and cultural heritages and was named as one of the 18 tourist lines in Henan early in 1979. 

  The Jun Porcelain in Shenhou is one of the five most famous porcelains in Song dynasty and is known as the best of the five with its simple style, exquisite craft, complicated glaze, the mysterious Fambe that creates diverse colors through the same raw color, the countless patterns including natural beauties, and vivid animals and human activities, and the amazing charm.  

  In 2016, China Greenland Broad Greenstate undertook the restoration project of Henan Yuzhou Shenhou Ancient Street, which aimed to restore and upgrade the traditional yards, facades facing the ancient street, and the spaces and environment. The project will not only reserve the Jun Porcelain culture, but build the region into an industrial base and tourist attraction with unique cultural aroma in the central region of China. 

  The Beautiful China construction starts with theBeautiful Villages, the construction of which starts from sewage treatment. The Village Residential Environment Condition and Problems survey by Housing and Urban-Rural Development shows that the lack of infrastructures is common in towns and villages, with 96% of villages having no drainage pipes and sewage treatment system. Sewage flows everywhere, severely damaging the environment. Environmental treatment is thus of great urgency.

  2017 is a year key to water pollutiontreatment. Many provinces and cities including Shanxi, Hebei, Henan, Anhui, and Fujian have launched Water Pollution Prevention and Treatment Action Plan to strengthen water pollution prevention and treatment. Recently, Tongji University- China Greenland Broad Greenstate Scientific Innovation Center and relevant department of Xiamen municipal government signed sewage treatment agreement for three rivers of the Wu River, the Shenjing River, and the internal river south to Tongzi village in Xiangan district. The model of environment protection + PPP integrates scattered small projects into a whole one to attract the investment of scientific innovation firms by offering integrated bidding and contract while allowing separate implementation. Meanwhile, the firm utilizes scientific patents and mature technologies in environmental protection on sewage treatment in scattered villages.

  It is reported that Tongji University-China Greenland Broad Greenstate Scientific Innovation Center was established byChina Greenland Broad Greenstate and Tongji University by taking full advantage of respective resources, funds, industries, technologies and talents, with the principle of complementary, cooperation and mutual development. Currently, the center is committed to cooperating and communicating with leading international universities to build a world-class scientific communication and application platform to foster the communication with and technology introduction from world famous universities in landscape ecology, environment project and environmental technology.

  Currently the center and Shanghai Tonglan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., its subsidiary, boasts leading technologies in water pollution treatment, ecological town establishment, beautiful village construction, environmental protection and ecological rehabilitation and has already implemented several government projects.

  The sewage treatment projects for the Wu River, the Shenjing River, and the Internal River south to Tongzi village in Xiangan district adopts the key technologies developed in Key Technology and Equipment Development for Emergency Water Treatment in Towns and Villages, the project in Tongji University’s National 12th Five Year Plan Science and Technology Plan(2012BAJ25B04)(2012-2015), which efficiently solves different kinds of river pollution and offers leading emergency water treatment equipment and safe water solution.

  This technology deals with the village problems such asscattered population, volatility in quality and volume of sewage, underdeveloped drainage network, and diverse drainage approaches. It is known that once established, the sewage equipment, boasting low operation cost and convenient manual management, enables the quality of water after treatment to reach Standard A of GB first level.  In addition, the treatment conducted underground also deals with the air pollution in the village. It helps to protect the clean water, the green mountain, and the beautiful environment.